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Morris Garage Hector |Price Look And Specification |

MG Hector the car is not only launching but entire company  MG is launching in India and spreading its empire in India .MORISS GARAGE is going to launch and also its first suv Hector . Yes you are reading correctely whole company is launching and there first car is suv Hector compitation is in air and everywhere .

 Hector looks  from front

How to describe a car . It can be described by its amazing looks ……Hector has a amazing design & dynamic looks .Yes Hector is somewhere having a dynamic looks in this segment with a large grill in front as somewhere seen in in X7 & it follow the trend which is with upper place LED lamps .Headlamp and fog lamp placed down . If we see the front side it has heavy and deep chrome working . The led light ,the fog lamp and the headlamp are covered with chrome working as a outer margin . The front grill is also out line by crome work .A big MG symbol placed between the front grill .The number plate is just placed down the grill and the front bumper again heavy work of crome is there .

Hector look from side

The side view looks like it is a compact MPV but really its a SUV that make slidely difference . If looking sidewise the car the long led lamp gives the touch to side with having a crome work on window. It is enrold with down crome work down the road with a original symbol of MG written at the side place above the front wheel a internet connection inside written in crome .Hector has given the touch toward every side where where it is expected over. The windows of hectors are slighty high and big the third row of hector are slighty medium in size compare to other with again crome coating . .

Hector style

Hector comes with 215/60 R17 tyre which is slightly small as compared to suv tyre varient according to the indian road the down part of hector touch to the speed breaker . The hector has less groundclearence .The wheels are again coated with crome which look different over . The rear side is densily crowded with lots of angels and lines which makes hector look very different . A unnecessary refflecting slip between the rear logo and slightly above the number plate with mg logo in between . A unnecessary silver panel down with a reflector and black fibre look slightly uncomfortable to see . A sticker of hybrid is placed just down the rear right lamp . And the hector written is placed just down the rear left lamp .A black strips surrounded on the rear glass with midddle placed wipper over there.


The interior of car is more modern and dynamic . The interior of hector is bringing attraction over there with big touch screen 10.4 inch which control over the interior features of car . The quality of material used is high lovely leather material is used over . The dashboard is covered with fine soft leather covering over there . The steering wheel is light and give feel to the driver .Leather covering is also given to the steering wheel . The steering look very Premium with MG symbol between it .The steering wheel look very busy with densily placed button over there . The big storage place in the door .A deep storage bin under the armrest and pair of cup holder which i think should be more

Hector Specification

Hector comes with full lengh pararomic sunroof which is not available over in any car in this segment which can attratct the buyers toward Hector . The advantarous people wish to have it over . This is the most shocking thing that is available in hector this type of pararomic sunroof is not available in Innova crysta too . But well to have it customer have to move to a premium class suvs like Ford Endeavour which budget upto 35 lakh rupees . Power drive and passenger seating button pressing seat adjustable with 8 different colour interior feature .The 360 degree camera which give the view from top ,side ,rear of the hector .Onboard internet facility with e-sim over there .Its toward the future and the connecting car .The screen is harder than you think the loading capacity is slow over .Touchscreen comes with navigation -Apple and Android car player with gaana music streaming app with subscriptions pack .

Hector extremely stand bold at 

The music player work with infinity speaker which rock the hector. The problem I obsrve while driving hector is the driver have to put the attension over the screen when driving and changing the think .The true eyes over the screen rather than road . The voice command is preety good thing seen in the hector. The car can be work insecurity feature with intregated mobile app which is having lovely feature. A car can withstand with i-smart app whichis connected car over .

Hector mobile base app

Owner can excess the car from anywhere with just having connection over the mobile and the e-sim over the car with connection .The app is connected over the pin and unlock and lock the car easily .Owner can open or close the sunroof and its done with a mobile base app also .The car can be on with and also the acc can be turn on as per the requirement this feature is availab of on the car in only Automatic varient. Find my car also suggest where your driving is rough which help driver to improve its driving skill.


Petrol(1451cc) Auto :-13.96 km/l
Hybrid(1451cc)Manual :-15.81 km/l
Petrol(1451cc)Manual:-14.16 km/l
Diesel(1956cc)Manual:-17.41 km/l


1. Glaze Red
2. Aurora Silver
3. Burgundy Red
4. Candy White
5. Starry Black


1. Style 1.5L Petrol 1451cc Manual :-12.18 lakh
2. Super 1.5L Petrol 1451cc Manual:-12.98 lakh
3. Style 2.0L Diesel 1956cc Manual:-13.18 lakh
4. Super Hybrid 1.5L Petrol 1451cc Hybrid Manual:-13.58 lakh
5. Super 2.0L Diesel 1956cc Manual:-14.18 lakh
6. Smart Hybrid 1.5L Petrol 1451cc Hybrid:-14.68 lakh
7. Smart 1.5L Dct Petrol 1451cc Automatic:-15.28 lakh
8. Smart 2.0L Diesel 1956cc Manual:-15.48 lakh
9. Shart hybrid 1.5L Petrol 1451cc Automatic :-16.78 lakh
10 . Sharp 2.0L Diesel 1956cc Manual :-16.80 lakh


Length=4655 mm
Height=1760 mm
Width=1835 mm
Wheelbase=2750 mm
Ground Clearence =192 mm


1956 cc 4 cylinder inline 4 valves/cylinder
Type=2.0L Turbocharged diesel engine
Fuel Type =Diesel
Max power= 168bhp @3750rpm
Max torque [email protected]
Mileage (ARAI)=17.41km/h
Transmission manual=6 gear


Suspension front macpherson strut with stablilizer bar
Suspension rear semi independent helical spring torrsion bar
Front brake disc
Rear brake disc
Wheel steel rim
Front tyre =215/60R17
Rear tyre=215/60R17


1.10.4 inch touchscreen
2. Satellite navigation
3. Apple car player and Android Auto
4. Heated winged
5. Panoramic sunroof
6. Powered driven seat
7. Powered co-driven seat (except hybrid)
8. Powered tailgate
9. Electric parking brake (auto only)
10. Auto climate control
11. Cruise control
12. Keyless entry and go
13. 8-colour interior ambient lighting
14. Engine stop/start system (hybrid only)
15. Auto head loop and wipers
16. Led headlamp


1. Front and rear parking sensor
2. Tyre pressure monitoring sysem
3. ISOFI child seat anchor
4. Speed warning system
5. Driver and co-driver seatbelt remainder
6. Traction control
7. Hill hold assist
8. 360 degree camera
9. 6-Airbags
10. ABS
11. ESP

Hector booking is closed becz it get booked off for 2019 it has 21000 booking completed over . The booking started over 23 june 2019 with token amount of 50000 rupees . The company promise there costomers 5-5-5 which is as follow
5-Unlimited Warranty
5-Years of unlimited road side assistance
5-labour free service

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